Light Houz Band

Light Houz Band is the in-house band of Grace Fellowship AG. Despite being consisting of just amateurs, their energy, their optimism and faith, their songs and of course God’s grace has taken them to various stages. They usually play the songs born in Grace. Members of Grace have penned more than 200 songs,

Every concert and worship they have led has generated tremendous response and has channeled God’s blessings to the audience! The band members are:

Vocals: Vinay, Geo

Guitars: Vinay, Vipul, Geo, Samson, Vivian

Keys: Geo, Kenneth

Drums: Blesson, Nicholas, Vineesh

Bass: Robinson

Percussions: Nicholas, Vineesh

Backing Vocals: Hriday, Chinchoo, Ekta, Rachel, Tejal and Joanna

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To hear some of our songs, click here