Richard Parmar

Grace Fellowship has a very innovative and proactive approach to work in the lives of broken people around. This approach influenced me very much. Grace Fellowship has not only contributed in my spiritual life but also in shaping my personality and character, and also in making me grow in my marriage relationship and parenting.

I could come closer to God to know and understand the will and plan of God in my life. I strongly believe it is God, through Grace Fellowship, who makes me to walk from impossibility to possibility!

Rahul Birjepatil

I am with Grace since 7 years now and it's not just a church, but a family to me. I was an introvert when I started attending this place. However, the people helped me to open up. Grace has been extremely supportive and encouraging. The leaders constantly challenge us, encourage us and motivate us to use our talents and abilities for God's kingdom. It's a politics free, love soaked zone!

The activities that continually happen at Grace do not facilitate growth but also allow us to gel well with the others! ! The leaders are ever ready to guide and help when needed. Many people have come and gone in these years but all of them remain a part of Grace even after they leave! It's the love of God that connects us! Recently I have become more involved in attempting to start a branch in a new location of the city! Ahmedabad will see the glory of God!

Pooja Pipil

Grace Fellowship is my home. I belong to it and it's an integral part of my life. I have experienced true friendships, unconditional love, extended support and genuine care here. I never feel left out here. Graceans have invested and poured out their life in me and helped me become who I am today. I would have been long gone but through Grace only, God helped me find life!

People here are very different from each other, yet one in love! Grace is royally influential and leaves a mark on everyone who steps in. I'm glad I stepped in a decade ago and was touched by Grace and my life changed forever!

I thank God for blessing me with Grace and all Graceans!

Ian Macwan

As I walk down the road, reaching my goals and seeing myself successful, I pause for a while and turn back to see where I come from. When you wile and still things don't work the way you want it to, you look up and seek the maker of all who waits for you to ask him your questions. Only he can help. Grace Fellowship introduced me to my Heavenly Father.

Despite of being born in a Christian family I wasn't much of a Christian. It was just a religion to me. Grace helped me and my family to grow in Christ. Being an adolescent I wasn't fond of my parents, however the fellowship and teachings I got here became a great blessing. The pastors and other leaders stood by me in my hardships and struggles when even my closest friends, relatives or any well-wishers whom I relied on didn't dare to stand. Grace diverted me from heading down the cliff and showed me the way to the peak. Accepting Jesus in my life has been the best thing I have ever experienced, and I am sincerely grateful to Grace for that.