Leadership Team

Grace Fellowship AG has four pastors. Pastor Joseph Mathew, Pastor Geo Verghese and Pastor Blesson Varghese are the founding pastors and they serve the gatherings at the main venue, sharing the responsibilities and duties there. Pastor Kenneth Solomon, serves at the gatherings at Shyamal.

Samson Thomas, Robinson Varghese and Vinay Umarji are also a part of the leadership team. Navin Thomas, who was earlier a part of this team has take a sabbatical for his theological studies. A bigger leadership team can often be a challenge! However, at Grace it has added depth, richness and a greater strength to the girth.

Pastor Joseph Mathew

Pastor Joseph is the eldest of the three pastors of Grace Fellowship AG. His heart is into one to one evangelism and sharing the gospel to individuals. This zeal and passion has allowed him to pioneer the extension of the church at some new locations. He is a passionate teacher, though he relishes sharing the basic gospel truths to the seekers. He is married to Jisha and together they have two daughters, Sharon and Shifa. He additionally serves as a Principal in one of the schools in the city.

Pastor Geo Verghese

Pastor Geo's forte is envisioning, planning and consolidating. He identifies talent and invests in developing them. He enjoys preaching and teaching, and this has taken him around the country and abroad reaching out especially to teens and youth. He is married to Chinchoo Lancia and together they have four daughters, Jefferine, Joanne, Jillianne and Jennilyn. He has written several of the songs produced by Grace. He also writes regularly for blogs and magazines. He is a Chemical Engineer and has also done his MBA (Finance). He manages the proprietary business started by his father and also serves as a trustee of a school. He gives leadership to a few pastors working in city suburbs at different places of Gujarat, is in the National Council of the ICPF and the board of the Association of Christian Counselors. He also gives motivational talks in various secular platforms.

Pastor Blesson Varghese

Pastor Blesson, is a life transformed by Jesus' love. He is married to Jessy and is dad to Aashish and Joyce. He combines intense biblical spirituality with visionary love-led leadership and rationale. An evangelist at heart passionately loving people, he deeply believes in God's purpose and dreams for them. As a true motivator he helps them to identify their purpose, fuels their dreams and counsels them to achieve their personal best. He is a Spirit led fiery-preacher, with a sharp mind for apologetics and understanding of various religions. He teaches the word of God in a contemporary manner and often creatively ministers to young people in christian and secular settings. In attempts to communicate God's love he also plays music, is a song writer and writes often. He travels globally also serving as a Director to a French Multinational Group and as a consultant.

Pastor Kenneth Solomon

Kenneth is the pioneering pastor of our daughter church Grace Fellowship AG (West) at Shyamal, Ahmedabad. He is a graduate in Theology from SABC and is presently pursuing his further studies. Born with a strong calling, he grew up fighting some of life's toughest challenges and gave up everything else for the sake of Christ and His Glory. He is preaching the Word since 2004, and also pioneered a church in Bangalore from 2006-2011. As directed by the voice of God, he moved into the city of Ahmedabad in 2012, when he joined the mission oriented Grace team. He now continues to serve with the spirit of humility and integrity. He is passionate about planting churches and enthusiastic about his teaching ministry. He is relentless on his service to God along with his wife Shradhanjali.

Samson Thomas

Samson serves as a coordinator at the church. He has been associated with Pastors Geo, Blesson and Joseph since the humble beginnings of the church in 1999. Their spiritual outlook and character stoked the fire inside him to live for Jesus. He is a prayer warrior and also heads the prayer team at the church. His finesse is in handling work that requires too much organizing and detailing. His varied interests also led him to dabble in personal finance, stock market, real estate, derivatives, online marketing and also in learning guitar, worship leading, youth ministry, rural ministry, Bible teaching, etc. He is a graduate in Commerce (Accountancy) and MBA (Finance). He has worked for a government company, a non-profit organization, a private sector bank, and even has tried his skills as an entrepreneur. He is married to Gifty.

Robinson Varghese

Robinson, a believer of the risen Christ, humbled by HIS love, jumbled by HIS grace, and rumbled by HIS peace. Along with his best friend and wife Saru and their children - Joelliane & Nathan, is a innovative thinker, leader and communicator. He is passionate about fresh ideas and styles that encourages the Church to impact in a contemporary manner.

Vinay Umarji

Vinay is currently the worship leader at Grace Fellowship AG and the lead singer and guitarist of the Light Houz Band. He is a business journalist in one of the leading business dailies of India. His employment has allowed him to converse one on one with the who's who of this state and at times has also given him the opportunity to interview some of them! Asking questions is however not new to him! While every child asks numerous questions as they grow, Vinay took his questions quite seriously and wouldn't relent until he found the right logical answers. It finally led him to question his own faith and beliefs (the one in which he was born into as a Kannadiga)! His quest finally led him to conclude Christ Jesus to be the only logical plausible answer for the question of "Who is God?" Now he says that cannot think of an alternate life of not knowing Jesus, the Only True God! He is married to Ekta.