Library & Lounge

Grace Fellowship AG has initiated a novel concept for the benefit of Christians across the city and outside. Grace has started a Library and Lounge which will carry more than 3000 titles across languages and categories. The collection of books in the reference section equals some of the best theological libraries in the country.

One can become a member and borrow books from the borrowing section for a meager annual fees. Moreover, the library also has facilities to relax and lounge. You can read, write, relax over cup of tea or coffee or just lounge around in this new place. Being Wi-Fi enabled you can do your browsing or even use the net at the browsing stations. Also available is a huge collection of christian e-books, movies, worship albums, contemporary music and other equipping and enriching resources.

If you want to relax or spend a long time with someone and talk, this is the place you can be. If you need help, our people will facilitate such help too. Come.

Get refreshed.

You can learn about the latest happenings at Grace lounge on the Grace Lounge Facebook page.